AI & Healthcare

The EU must protect fundamental rights in the digitalisation of health systems.

On this webpage you can read all about our stride to ensure trustworthy algorithmic technologies and their responsible use in health systems. We strive for technology that benefits us all and upholds our fundamental rights.

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Risks for fundamental rights
AI which is used for health related purposes, such as for diagnosis, treatment, monitoring of disease, health promotion, and the routing and prioritisation of care, holds major risks for fundamental rights violations:

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Risks for key populations
AI has particular risks for key populations who face layering patterns of inequalities related to age, gender, sexual orientation, cultural identity, racialised characteristics, literacy, disability, and (mental) health status.

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Risks for health and wellbeing
AI systems used in healthcare, if not well regulated, can harm our health and wellbeing, and change the way we perceive and organise our healthcare. These problems can pervade in the following ways:

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